Import Process with Importy Garage

Would you be interested in importing a car from Germany with Importy Garage?

On this page we are going to tell you about the process of buying an import car with Importy Garage. Here you can get an idea of how the whole process works, as well as how the reservation is made and the current time frames. As we do not want you to have any doubts, at the end we have added a section with the most common questions that we meet with our clients. However, remember that to start the process the first thing we need is that you tell us what type of car you want. To do this, we can do it in the following two ways:

Indicating the description of the car

If you have one or more models in mind, let us know and we will look for the best options looking to adjust to the parameters you indicate: model, color, equipment, mileage, age …

Indicating the ad link from Germany

You can go to and search there for the models you want. It is the most important page for car advertisements in Germany. You can send us the links so that we can estimate each ad.

And remember that you can write us the car data through various channels. Contact us with the one that is most comfortable for you .

Fill the form

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Do not hesitate and contact now without obligation , we are sure that we can offer you very interesting alternatives.

The Importy Method for importing cars

This is the formula to follow to import cars in a super fast and safe way

Once you have had the first contact with Importy Garage, we will assign you to your sales representative and we will start looking for your import car. As soon as we find the car and make the reservation, you have to count that it took us approximately 3 weeks to deliver it to you so you can drive and enjoy it. See below the steps that will be taken in the import process from the first contact to the delivery.

Frequently asked questions about importing cars

As we at Importy Garage know, importing cars is something that arouses passions and fears in equal parts. Passions because everyone knows that you can find very interesting offers and fears due to myths that are known and fear of the unknown. In this section of frequently asked questions, we will try to clarify some doubts and uncover false myths to help clarify the subject.
Although in many cases it pays to import a car from Germany, it is true that in certain random cases, importing is not a viable option. To do this, it is best that you tell us the car you are looking for and we will quote it without obligation. In this way you will see the real price in Germany and you can compare with the national market.
We usually buy cars at official dealerships and therefore they offer us a 2-year official warranty. This guarantee is valid throughout Europe, therefore, you can use it at Spanish dealers. If you are looking for a car outside of the official dealerships, you offer us a guarantee through GarantiPlus , that you It is also used for official Spanish dealers.
For the transport of the car from Germany, we offer two options. The car can be lowered by driving a specialized driver or it can be transported by truck. The two options have the same cost although delivery times by truck are about 5 days longer.
Not at all. When we make a budget, we include everything so that there are no surprises later. You simply have to add, as in any other car, the mandatory insurance.
Yes, without problem. You can indicate the link of the car you want and we will indicate the price to bring it here with everything. Even if you wanted to drive it from Germany to Spain there would be no problem.

Yes, in Germany the km and the accident rate are certified by indicating these data on the original invoice of the car. The rest of the documents have no legal validity and therefore, it makes no sense to use them. In fact, they are usually indications of scams, since these documents are added to an invoice without km or accident indicator so as not to have legal responsibility in the sale.

The best way to ensure that you buy a car with the characteristics indicated in the advertisement is to buy from trusted sellers, look for cars with first registration in Germany and cross-check the kilometers with the car reviews.

For the reservation and payment of the cars, we offer two possibilities.

40% of the car is paid at the time of booking the car and the remaining 60% at the time of delivery.
100% payment at the time of booking. In this case, we offer an interesting discount since we save financial and opportunity costs.

This situation can occur in two cases that we clearly specify and sign in the reservation contract:
  1. In the event that the car upon arrival does not meet the specifications indicated in the reservation contract, the client will have the right to recover 100% of the amount paid, and therefore, not pick up the car.
  2. In the event that the car meets the contract specifications, the customer will not be entitled to receive the amounts paid as a reservation for the car.